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Icebird: Cold World
Collaborating on his "COLD WORLD" CD with the likes of BIG HEEM out of Flint MI. (of the DRAMA FAMILY) aka "the puppet master" & brother of BIG CHUCK...who has worked with Nas,Jay-Z,Toni Braxton,50 cent,even Michael Jackson & was also aboard Dr. Dre's Aftermath camp for 8 years...."BIG HEEM is the Truth"
EJC- the hottest producer out of Detroit in a decade,now residing in Las Vegas,NV.. EJC is best known for his Internet Radio Show (24/7 Enterprise) & Hard hittin' Beats off the "COLD WORLD" CD

There's no stopping ICEBIRD's Flight to the top of the Rap/Hip Hop World!!
IceBird Headlines @ The WHISKY A GoGo hollywood,ca.

 A True Artist who's Life Story is as Compelling as his Music & Lyrics!

   Born and raised on DETROIT's 6 MILE.  One of 5 Brothers, 3 older 1 younger, ICEBIRD spent many of his adolescent years Hustlin' on the Violent streets of detroit that would later claim Two of his older Brothers...murdered on separate occassions. Raised by a  single Mom who was a Baptist Minister,she struggled to keep her boys out of trouble... & When she passed away it had a Profound Effect on his Life.

Incarcerated upstate as a teen, sentenced to a decade after an incident in Detroit, ICEBIRD Began to chronicle his life's experience on paper.

His Lyrics are a True Rap / R&B Auto-Biography Unlike any other.

After a trip out west lookin for a Record Deal with the Hardest Lyrics in the Business, It wasn't long before ICEBIRD landed a Feature spot  on a Track with T-Pain while recording in las Vegas,Nv.

. THE  
.       BEAST  IS   .

    "IceBird Commeth" 2018
     ***check for Tour Info ***

   -----  Cold World CD Released  -------

        " Book 2 "        Scheduled Release summer   2018"

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